How Many Is Safe?

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How many Caesareans are safe to have?

How Many Is Safe?

This is a tricky question, because different studies have shown various degrees of safety vs. risk when more than one Caesarean is performed. With every Caesarean there is risk, as it is a major abdominal surgery. However, the more Caesareans that are performed, the more likely Placenta Accrete can develop. Placenta Accrete is a condition where the placenta actually imbeds into the muscles of the uterine wall. This increases the chances of hemorraging and even a hysterectomy.

Repeat Caesareans can also be more difficult to perform because of the increasing amount of scar tissue left from previous Caesareans.

So how many are actually safe? It isn't quite known just how many Caesareans are safe for both the mother and the baby. With Caesareans, the increased risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension in infants is to be considered.

If you are considering your second, third, or fourth Caesarean, it is important to discuss the risks with your doctor. The safety of repeat Caesareans is different for each woman.



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