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What is Caesarean Depression?

What Is It?

While it isn't talked about much, Caesarean Depression DOES exist. Some women feel as though they have failed, and feel extremely "let down" by the process of having a Caesarean instead of a vaginal birth. Some women actually experience nightmares or anxiety attacks. This type of depression can last for weeks or years. It is important, if experiencing any symptoms of depression after your Caesarean to consult with your doctor.

Are nightmares common after a Caesarean?


Some women experiencing Caesarean Depression will have nightmares about the event for a period of time following their C-section.

Who is at risk for Caesarean Depression?

Who Is At Risk?

Women most at risk for Caesarean Depression:

**Experienced unpleasant side affects from the anaesthesia

**Felt let down by their doctor, hospital or nursing staff

**Felt as though they had been forced into unwanted medical intervention by their doctor or nursing staff

**Attempted breastfeeding, but were unable to due to the common side affects of medications and pain related to the Caesarean

**Expected a natural vaginal birth

**Experienced complications during their laboring process or an emergency and complicated Caesrean.

What are some common emotions after a Caesarean?


Guilt is a common emotion after having a C-section. Most mothers feel as though they must have done something wrong during pregnancy or labor.

What are the symptoms of Caesarean Depression?

The Symptoms

The symptoms of PPD include the inability to sleep, weepiness, anxiety, nightmares, fatigue, lack of appetite, irritability, moodiness, suicidal thoughts, negative thoughts toward the baby. Caesarian Depression symptoms include those but is also accompanied by feelings of failure, inadequacey, loss and disappointment.

What are some common emotions after a Caesarean?


It is common to feel regret about having a C-section. Perhaps you didn't prepare yourself for a C-section, an now you are left feeling as though you must have made a mistake. Remember, regret is a normal emotion, but do not let it eat at you. A C-section is just one more sacrifice that we as mothers must make to protect our young.

Who isn´t at risk for Caesarean Depression?

Who Isn't At Risk?

The women least likely to form Caesarian Depression are those who:

**Adapt easily to the unexpected.

**Trust thier doctors/hospital/staff and feel that a C-section, in their situation, was completely necessary.

**Are not concerned with the birth "experience."

**Planned their C-section.

What are some tips for Caesarean Depression?

What To Do

If you begin to experience the common symptoms of depression after your Caesarian, it is important to contact your doctor to ensure that the symptoms are not those of Caesarian Depression. If you find that you are experiencing this form of depression there are support groups and methods of treatment to help.

emotions after a Caesarean?


It is normal to feel as though because of your C-section you are inadequate. Rest assured that you are NOT! A C-section does not make you less of a mother!

What are some emotions after a Caesarean?


It's perfectly normal to feel angry after the fact. You may be angry at yourself, angry at your doctor, or angry at the nurses. Whatever you are feeling, talk it out with someone you trust.

What are some common emotions after a Caesarean?


It is common to feel resentment after having a C-section. Resentment towards your doctor, hospital, body or even the labor and delivery nurse.

What are some common emotions after a Caesarean?

Was This A Birth?

Some women are faced with trying to determine whether or not they consider a C-section as an actual way to give birth opposed to just another operation. Feelings such as those are completely normal and expected.

Is disappointment common after a Caesarean?


It's perfectly normal to feel disappointed about having a caesarean. Some moms feel as though they have failed because they were unable to have a vaginal birth. Discuss your feelings with other moms who have had caesarean sections, this will help to alievate feelings of disappointment.

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