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What are some tips for recovering from a Caesarean?


It might sound simple enough, but once you take that first deep breath, you'll think twice about doing it again. It is important though to take deep breaths as often as you can and as soon as you can to help with the recovery.

What are some tips for recovering from a Caesarean?

Don't Look Down

Don't look down when you are walking, look straight ahead. Also, do not lean down, try to stand straight as much as possible

What are some tips for recovering from a Caesarean?

Use A Splint

When taking those first few steps, try using a pillow pressed against your abdomen. This will help to ease the pain around your incision and abdomen.

What will I be offered after my epi is removed?


After the epidural is removed you may be offered narcotic drugs such as Demerol or Stadol.

What are some tips for recovering from a Caesarean?

Take It Slow

24 hours after a caesarean, most hospitals require the mother to try and get out of bed and walk. It's best to take it very slow and to let the nurse help you out of bed and onto your feet. Take baby steps, and don't rush your progress until you feel steadier on your feet.

When will I be allowed a solid meal?

Eating Solids

After the liquid diet you will most likely be ready for solids. Eat slowly, and if you start to get nauseated, let your nurse know

What are some tips for recovering from a Caesarean?

Before Walking

During the first few days after surgery, before you try and walk, ask for pain medications. As your recovery progresses, you will need less medication before moving.

Will I be drowsy after my Caesarean?


The first 24 hours after having a caesarean, you will most likely be rather drowsy and incoherent. The pain medications that you will need immediately after the operation make you feel that way. Get plenty of rest that first night; it will help you in the days to come.

What are some tips for walking after my Caesarean?


You may get a little dizzy or light headed during those first few steps. If you do, let your nurse know and rest until you feel better.

What will my first meal consist of after my Caesarean?

The First Meal

Your first meal will consist of liquids. You will probably get soups, jello, tea or coffee. Take it easy and eat slowly. It's common to get nauseated the first time you eat after an operation.

What are some tips for the hospital stay?

Don't Wait

Don't wait until the pain gets really bad before taking your pain medication. Doing so will only make it impossible for the medication to ease the pain.

Will I fell the epidural being removed?

Removing The Epidural Or Spinal

The anaesthesiologist will come in, usually after 48 hours and remove the epidural or spinal. You won't feel it coming out. The most pain that you will feel is the tape being pulled off your back!

What are some tips for recovering from a Caesarean?

Walk Often

While it is difficult, try to walk as often as you can, but only if you feel strong enough to do so. This will help to speed up the recovery process.

When will my IV be removed?

Removing The IV

After 24 hours your catheter and IV will be removed. Both are painless procedures.

Will I be allowed to eat after my Caesarean?

Ice Chips

After your surgery, you won't be allowed any liquids or solids. Your doctor may allow ice chips.

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