Caesarean Prevention Tips

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How can I prevent a Caesarean?


A wonderful way to help prevent a possible C-section is to hire a doula to assist you during your labor and birth. Doulas have a lower C-section rate, and can offer different methods, positions and massages as well as support during the difficult phases of labor.

How can I prevent a Caesarean?

Educate Yourself

Keep an open mind to your possibilities. Gain knowledge through books, articles, web sites. Discuss your options with your doctor and discuss hospital policies.

How can I prevent a Caesarean?

Keep Moving

Don't stay on your back during labor. Try walking, showering, rocking as much as you possibly can.

How can I prevent a Caesarean?

Your Doctor

One of the easiest ways to help in avoiding a C-section is to check your doctor's Caesarian rate to see if it unnecessarily high.

How can I prevent a Caesarean?

Talk With Your Doctor

Whether it's your first or second pregnancy, make it clear to your doctor, from the start, that you would like to try and avoid a caesarean. Your doctor can give you helpful tips to ensure a safe delivery.

How can I prevent a Caesarean?

Stay At Home

When you go into labor, try to stay at home as long as you safely can. Don't go in if your contractions are less than 4-5 minutes apart. Studies show that those mothers who went into the hospital early, had a higher rate of caesarean sections than those who did not.

How can I prevent a Caesarean?


Using a midwife might be a good option if you are trying to prevent a caesarean. Midwives usually have a higher percentage of natural childbirths without surgical intervention than regular OBs do.

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