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What are some risks for my baby during a caesarean section?

Excessive Mucus

Because a baby born by caesarean section does not transcend through the birth canal, the mucus in the lungs is not squeezed out properly. It is common for a baby to keep mucus in his/her chest for weeks and even months following a caesaran birth.

What are some risks of a caesarean section?

Blood Loss

Blood loss during a caesarean section is twice as much as the blood lost during a vaginal birth. However, it is important to note that a blood transfusion during a caesarean is very rare.

What are some risks of a caesarean section?

Respiratory Complications

Unfortunately, in some cases, anesthesia can lead to pneumonia. While this isn't a common occurence, it should be considered.

What are some risks of a caesarean section?

Longer Hospital Stay

If you have a caesarean section, chances are you will have to stay at least 4-5 days in the hospital. Depending on any further complications, your stay may be lengthened by a week or more.

What are some risks concerning caesarean sections?


During a caesarean section, the uterus, or nearby organs can become infected.

What are some risks for my baby during a caesarean section?

Fetal Injury

It's very rare, but sometimes a doctor, during the making the incision, can accidentally knick the baby.

What are some risks to my baby during a caesarean section?

Low Apgar Scores

Often, babies born by caesarean section will have low Apgar scores. Many reasons can cause this. Perhaps the baby had a reaction to the anesthesia, was not properly stimulated as he/she would have been by a vaginal birth, or distress.

What are some risks of a caesarean section?

Decrease In Bowel Functions

After an operation, the bowel tends to slow down for a few days. This causes constipation, and excessive, painful gas.

What are some risks during a caesarean section?

Reactions To Anesthesia

The mother's health could be endangered if she has unexpected reactions to the anesthesia.

What are some risks of Caesareans?

Infant Hypertension

A new study indicates that the incidence of persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborns delivered by
cesarean section is nearly five times higher than that observed among babies delivered vaginally.

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