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Can you tell me how long after a caesarian section it is considered safe to become pregnant again?

Conceiving After Caesarian

Caesarian sections are becoming more and more common in this day and age. Many women who have c-sections want to have their children close together. There are recommendations for how long a woman should wait in order to ensure that both mother and baby are safe for childbirth.

Generally, there is a recommended wait of 18 to 23 months before women who have c-sections to wait before conceiving again. This is actually the allotted amount of time recommended to women who give birth vaginally.

It may seem like a long time to wait, but women who have caesarian's need to remember that this type of delivery is considered major surgery and it will take your body a bit of time to heal completely from it.

Many women who deliver by caesarian section conceive a baby before the recommended waiting time. This is not a major problem. The 18 to 23 months waiting time is just a recommendation to help limit the chances of complications for further deliveries. Most women who conceive before the time frame have uncomplicated pregnancies.

It is always best to speak to your physician to let him know you are interested in conceiving before the recommended time frame, just to get his opinion and advice.

Is it safe to go swimming a month after a section? I had no complications and this was a repeat c-section. My lochia is almost completely gone.

Swimming After Caesarian

Many women are anxious to start some sort of exercise program after having a caesarian section. Swimming is a great low-impact way to get your body back in pre-baby shape.

Many women are concerned with swimming too early. Most women are able to get their incisions wet as soon as the staples or stitches are removed.

The one concern about doing any type of exercising too soon after a caesarian is the risk of hurting the incision internally, which is why most doctors recommend no strenuous exercise for up to six weeks after the caesarian has taken place.

Doctors also recommend waiting at least four weeks before swimming, or until the lochia has stopped. If your lochia is no longer an issue, and it has been about four weeks, a woman may swim without trying to do it too strenuously.

If having a baby by caesarian , is it the usual practice to go into hospital the night before the operation.

Caesarian Section Hospital Practices

When a patient has a caesarian section scheduled at a hospital, it is common practice for the hospital to inform you what time to be at the hospital for surgery.

If your surgery is scheduled for very early in the morning, the hospital will most likely request you to arrive around two hours before your surgery. This way you can get checked in, get settled in your room and receive your IV and any necessary medications that may be needed for surgery.

Most hospitals do not require a patient to come the night before a scheduled caesarian. Patients who receive a c-section are usually allowed to spend one extra night in the hospital, after the birth. This is up to the patient's insurance, but it is common practice.

After a Caesarian, can I lift heavy objects?

Precautions After Caesarian Section

When women have a caesarian section (c-section) there are many precautions she should take after the surgery. The precautions are to avoid any unnecessary complications, such as tearing of stitches.

Women who have had a C-section should avoid lifting anything heavier than her baby for six weeks. This gives the incision time to heal and reduces the risk of tearing the incision. Women should not lift her other children or the baby in its car seat.

Women should also avoid driving, going up and down stairs and doing any strenuous exercise until the incision has been allowed time to heal. This usually takes about six weeks.

It is necessary to follow these precautions in order to heal appropriately from the surgery.

Why would a Caesarean be necessary?

Transverse Position

If the baby is in the transverse position (vertical), without the possibility of turning in time for a vaginal delivery, than a Caesarean will be necessary.

Why would a Caesarean be necessary?

Genital Herpes

If the mother has an active genital herpes infection, a Caesarean will most likely be necessary in order to avoid passing the infection onto the newborn.

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