Surgery Preparation Tips

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What are some epidural side affects?

Side Affects

Some common side affects of the epidural are shaking, drop in blood pressure, numbness, nausea and headaches.

What are some benefits to a spinal anaesthesia?

Spinal Anaesthesia: Benefits

Some of the benefits of spinal anaesthesia:

1. Uses a lower dose of anaesthetic medication
2. Less painful
3. Quicker to administer
4. Some find that it blocks the feeling quicker & better than an Epidural

What are some tips for surgery preparation?

Incision Area

The incision area is shaved and scrubbed with iodine and antiseptic.

How is an epidural administered?

How It Is Administered

There are many pain relief options for a laboring mother. One of the most widely known and used is an epidural. So, how is one actually administered?

-The anaesthesiologist will tell you to bend over the bed and curl your back out
-A local anesthetic is given in the spot where the
epidural will be placed
-A small sterile plastic tube is inserted and then taped in place
-Pain medication is administered through this small tube and most mothers feel relief within
10-15 minutes.

What are some tips for surgery preparation?

The Drink

Before the epidural is administered, you will be given a very sweet and sour liquid to drink. This liquid will help to combat any nausea from the epidural.

What are some tips for Caesareans?

Your Scrubs

You will stay in your hospital gown but you will have a cap on your head. Once in the OR your abdomen and lower body will be covered except for the area where the incision will be made.

When will I get a catheter?

When Will You Get One?

Shortly after the epidural is administered, you will have a catheter inserted. You won't feel it, and it will stay in for 24 hours. Removing the catheter is a painless procedure as well.

Will I feel an Epidural?

The Pre-Epidural Sting

Before the epidural is administered, you will be given a shot in the area where it will go. This shot simply numbs the area and only feels like a small pin prick

When will I need an IV?

When Will I Need It?

If you did not already have an IV administered upon arriving at the hospital, the nurse will administer one before the operation. The IV is necessary to give you necessary fluids, and any medications that are needed.

How is a spinal administered?

Spinal Anaesthesia-How It Is Administered

In most cases, the anaesthesiologist will require that you sit up, with your ankles at the foot of the bed. You will literally curve your back by bending down and over a pillow or clutching your knees.

What are some tips for surgery preparation?

Anesthetic Spray

Before you have your IV inserted, be sure to ask your nurse to spray the area with anesthetic spray to help numb the area.

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