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After a Caesarian, can I lift heavy objects?

Precautions After Caesarian Section

When women have a caesarian section (c-section) there are many precautions she should take after the surgery. The precautions are to avoid any unnecessary complications, such as tearing of stitches.

Women who have had a C-section should avoid lifting anything heavier than her baby for six weeks. This gives the incision time to heal and reduces the risk of tearing the incision. Women should not lift her other children or the baby in its car seat.

Women should also avoid driving, going up and down stairs and doing any strenuous exercise until the incision has been allowed time to heal. This usually takes about six weeks.

It is necessary to follow these precautions in order to heal appropriately from the surgery.

If having a baby by caesarian , is it the usual practice to go into hospital the night before the operation.

Caesarian Section Hospital Practices

When a patient has a caesarian section scheduled at a hospital, it is common practice for the hospital to inform you what time to be at the hospital for surgery.

If your surgery is scheduled for very early in the morning, the hospital will most likely request you to arrive around two hours before your surgery. This way you can get checked in, get settled in your room and receive your IV and any necessary medications that may be needed for surgery.

Most hospitals do not require a patient to come the night before a scheduled caesarian. Patients who receive a c-section are usually allowed to spend one extra night in the hospital, after the birth. This is up to the patient's insurance, but it is common practice.

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