During The Caesarean Tips

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WHat happens during a caesarean?


Before a Caesarean operation starts, a nurse will insert oxygen tubes into your nose. This oxygen is not only helpful to you through the surgery, it is crucial to your unborn baby.

What happens during a Caesarean?

Breaking The Bag Of Waters

If your water has not broken before your C-section, the doctor will break the bag of waters before removing the baby.

What happens during a Caesarean?

Closing The Incision

After your little one is born, your doctor will begin closing the incision. The inside incision will be closed with sutures that will dissolve, while the outside incision will be closed with either sutures or staples that will be removed within one to two weeks.

What happens during a Caesarean?

Tugging & Pressure

Once the pain medication has been administered you will feel numb, most likely from the waist down, especially if you have opted for the epidural or spinal. You will feel a tugging sensation and heaviness on your chest. While it isn't painful, the heaviness can make it difficult to breathe.

What happens during a Caesarean?

By Your Side

Most likely you will have a nurse by your side through the whole process. Trust in her to keep you calm. If you have questions ask her, or if you are scared, tell her.

What happens during a Caesarean?

Flushing The Uterus

After your baby is delivered, the doctor will remove the placenta and begin to flush out the uterus. This takes around 15-20 minutes. You will feel nothing, only a tugging sensation once in a while.

What happens during a Caesarean?

The Delivery

After your little one is removed, the cord will be cut, the baby will be cleaned up, weighed, measured, checked thoroughly and then brought to you to see.

What happens during a Caesarean?

The Cross Table

In the OR you will be placed on an operating table that looks like a cross. Your arms are spread out at shoulder level while the rest of your body lays vertically.

What happens during a Caesarean?

Having Your Partner With You

Most hospitals will allow your partner to be with you during the operation. This is a special time for the both of you, and having your partner there makes it much easier.

What happens during a Caesarean?

The Screen

Shortly after you arrive in the OR, the nurses will put a screen up that separates your neck and face from the rest of your body.

What happens during a Caesarean?

A Rare Instance

In the VERY rare instance that your Epidural begins to wear off and you begin to feel any pain, immediately let the nurse and doctor know. Most likely they will have to administer more medication, or, put you to sleep.

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