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What are some tips for the recovery room?


Some people experience tremors after birth. This is either from the anethesia or the hormone
rush after birth. It last only about 30 minutes.

Thanks so much for this helpful tip! Those who do experience the tremors usually experience them as a side effect from the Epidural or Spinal that they received. This usually occurs shortly after the anaesthesia is adminstered, or during the actual operation. The tremors can be accompanied by feelings of extreme warmth or cold.



8/29/2006 3:39:22 PM
Cameron said:

I experienced nearly uncontrollable shaking and tremors during the entire c-section and they began to deminish in the recovery room. I've only one daughter and did not expect a c-section therefore was completely clueless as to what to expect.
Had it not been for the straps on the cross bed, I would have likely shaken off onto the floor. I found this to be extremely uncomfortable.

2/20/2007 10:27:49 PM
Juliet said:

I had pretty severe tremors immediately after my c-section that did not subside for almost 2 hours... it was ridiculous.


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