Side Lying

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What are some tips for breastfeeding after a Caesarean?

Side Lying

Because of your incision, it may be tough to position the baby without hurting yourself. Try nursing from a side-lying position, this will help eliminate any awkward positions.



3/1/2007 8:57:36 AM
Mom of 3 said:

Lying on my side was much more painful for me after all three of my sections. Gravity pulling on the incision was much worse than the slight weight of the baby on my tummy while I nursed.

3/5/2007 4:44:42 AM
Kari said:

As a first time Mom, I was urged by the nurses to side-lie to nurse, but found it very awkward. I found it much easier to use the foot-ball hold or use the cradle hold with many pillows. You should nurse however feels best for your body and your baby. Continuing to use a nursing position that just isn't working can put undue stress on you and your baby.


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