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What are some tips for caring for my incision?


It is completely normal for there to be numbness around the incision area, and even a couple inches above, below and to the sides of it. Some mothers never regain sensation in that area, while some only regain minimal sensation. It may take up to six months for sensation to return in those areas. You might also experience itching in the numb area, and find that upon scratching it, you really don't get any relief from the itching, and scratching it seems to make it tingle, and even hurt a little.



2/17/2007 6:06:59 PM
Susan said:

My incision is from a hysterectomy. My doctor didn't even mention this. It's been two months today, and now I'm depressed to find out it may never be right.

10/5/2007 2:46:39 AM
fadwai said:

i am still having itching after my c section (7months)it was my first delivery and i am pregnant in 6weeks now is there any risk for any complication could happen???

3/2/2009 7:42:19 PM
Anne said:

Appreciate the information. I was concerned there could be something seriously wrong. Just had a baby one week ago, feeling better but seem to be numb along the incision.
Thank you.

7/4/2009 8:07:43 AM
Anne said:

Gosh that really sucks I try to scratch with no relief around my incision area and lately its been itching so much 3 months after C-section


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