Cytotec Induction

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What are some tips on a VBAC?

Cytotec Induction

Cytotec, a pill which can be administered orally, or inserted vaginally and placed against the cervix, is usually given in quarter doses. The pill works to soften the cervix, just as other cervix softening agents such as Prepidil and Cervidil do. The dangers of this drug, including uterine rupture, pose a possible threat to all women when used as a method of induction. However, for woman attempting a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), the risk of uterine rupture increases dramatically. One particular study of Cytotec used on VBAC candidates found that eight percent experienced uterine rupture in comparison to the 0.2 percent of other cases where Cytotec was not used.



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