Let Family Help

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What are some tips for recovering at home?

Let Family Help

Before your baby arrives you'll probably think that once you get home, you will be able to do it all. The washing, caring for your baby, the housework. Unfortunately, unless you are superwoman, this won't be the case.

It's advisable to let your family help you out those first few weeks. Whether it's your husband, mother or grandparents, if they offer to help, let them! You will be so exhausted from the 2 am feedings to lift a finger, let alone wash dishes. If you are bottlefeeding, let them participate in the feeding ritual. Let them change a few diapers, and better yet, let your husband take on a few of the early morning feedings.



6/23/2006 9:40:33 PM
Cherri said:

Honestly, while help is nice to have, it IS possible to do almost everything yourself. My dad died just a few hours after leaving the hospital where I had just undergone a c-section. I learned of our family tragedy the next morning and when I got back home, two of my brothers had moved in with me and my husband. I was forced to be up and moving right away. I cleaned up after everyone and took care of the baby mostly alone. My husband works 70 hour weeks and my brothers were busy taking care of all my dad's affairs. I was lucky to not have suffered postpartum depression because ontop of the grief for my father I know it would have done me in. I'm commenting because I want any mother out there who may be alone or scared after their c-section to know that you can do it alone. You can do it for your baby. It's extremely painful (I had a perscription) and exausting but SOOO worth it in the end.

2/17/2007 1:54:17 PM
Kay said:

Sure, let your mom or mother-in-law help with the baby but do NOT let them clean your house and rummage through your personal stuff. It is more headache and anxiety than it is worth - especially as it gives the mother or mother-in-law carte blanche to "advise" you in the future on how to clean your house - and you usually spend twice the time putting everything to rights when they leave. Better off to ask a girlfriend for help.


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