Swimming After Caesarian

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Is it safe to go swimming a month after a section? I had no complications and this was a repeat c-section. My lochia is almost completely gone.

Swimming After Caesarian

Many women are anxious to start some sort of exercise program after having a caesarian section. Swimming is a great low-impact way to get your body back in pre-baby shape.

Many women are concerned with swimming too early. Most women are able to get their incisions wet as soon as the staples or stitches are removed.

The one concern about doing any type of exercising too soon after a caesarian is the risk of hurting the incision internally, which is why most doctors recommend no strenuous exercise for up to six weeks after the caesarian has taken place.

Doctors also recommend waiting at least four weeks before swimming, or until the lochia has stopped. If your lochia is no longer an issue, and it has been about four weeks, a woman may swim without trying to do it too strenuously.



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