Your Baby After A Caesarean Tips

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Will my baby need special care after a Caesarean?

Needing Oxygen

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your Caesarean, your baby might need special care such as feeding tubes or oxygen. You can ask to be wheeled (after you leave recovery) to the nursery to see your little one.

Will my baby experience complications?

Scoring Lower

It is common for babies born via Caesarean Section to have lower first minute Apgar Scores than those born by vaginal birth. Usually, the scores rise when the next Apgar test is given.

What complications may my baby experience after a Caesarean?

Extra Mucus

Your baby will most likely have quite a bit of mucus in his lungs after delivery. Because he was not squeezed through the birth canal, he has not had the chance to expel the mucus.

Will my baby get jaundice after a Caesarean?


It is common for caesarean section babies to develop jaundice shortly after delivery. The skin and whites of the eyes will turn a pale yellow. If you notice these changes, report them to your pediatrician. Most likely, your pediatrician will catch this first and do a blood test. In most cases it is usually nothing to worry about, and will clear up before you leave the hospital.

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