Your Body After A Caesarean Tips

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What will my immune system be like after a caesarean?

Your Immune System

Shortly after the caesarean, your immune system may be lower and you will be more likely to catch colds or flus.

What Will My Periods Be Like After A Caesarean?

Your Periods

Once your period returns, you may find that your "new" period is completely opposite of the period you used to experience. You may experience a heaviness under your incision scar, and slight cramping in that area as well.

What will my belly be like after a caesarean section?

Your Belly

After pregnancy, whether you had a natural birth or a caesarean section, your belly is going to be "mushier" and much softer. After a couple of months you can gently start easing back into an exercise routine. However, if your incision is still painful or your tummy muscles are tender, you might want to wait.

What can I expect after my C-section?

Retaining Water

It's common, after having a C-section, to retain water in your legs, feet and hands. If the swelling does not go down before you leave the hospital, talk to your doctor about ways to reduce the retention. He might prescribe water pills to help.

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