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When should I plan my Caesarean for?


When planning your C-section, try making it for earlier in the week. That way lactation consultants and other specialists won't be gone over the weekend.

Can I have a birth plan for a planned Caesarean?

Creating A Birth Plan

Most people assume that having a Caesarean Section means that a birth plan isn't necessary. However, creating a birth plan can ensure that you experience your birth just as you want to! Here are some things to consider for a planned Caesarean birth plan:

*Would you like for your partner to cut the cord?
*Would you like to have a free hand to touch the baby?
*Would you like to watch the birth?
*Who do you want present in the OR?
*Would you like any sedatives or medications before the operation begins?
*Would you prefer an Epidural or a Spinal?
*How soon would you want to begin breastfeeding?
*Do you want the hospital to bathe your baby immediately or would you rather do it later?

What are some benefits to a planned Caesarean?

Setting A Date

A plus to having a planned caesarean is that you get to set a date for your baby to be born!

What are some tips for a planned Caesarean?

Talk To Your Anaesthetist Beforehand

Having a planned Caesarean means that you have a set date for the operation to be performed. Set up an appointment with the anaesthetist before your operation to ask any questions or express any concerns. This will help you to get better acquainted with him or her. You will find that your anaesthetist will be by your side through the OR, helping to make sure that you are comfortable.

What are some tips for a planned Caesarean?

Book Your Operation Early

It's a good idea to ask that your operation be performed earlier in the day. As your doctor the earliest time available. This will help you avoid any delays in the operation, i.e., emergencies, etc.

Why would a planned Caesarean be necessary?

Two Or More

Most multiple pregnancies in which there are three or more fetuses will require a planned caesarean in order to avoid any risk to the mother or babies.

What would cause a planned Caesarean?

Breech Presentation

It is quite common for mothers who have a baby in breech position to be scheduled for a planned C-section. Since giving birth vaginally with breech presentation is rare, your doctor will most likely give you the option of scheduling a C-section date.

Why would I have to have a planned Caesarean?

Placenta Previa

A planned Caesarean may be necessary if the mother is experiencing placenta previa or abruption of the placenta in order to avoid any harm to the fetus.

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